2013 Up & Coming Student Film Festival

The Up&Coming Student Film Festival 2013

@The Loft, UC San Diego

In 2013 we presented a triptych of Up&Coming film festival events, designed specifically for emerging filmmakers. We kicked off this series with

Talent campus, a networking event for media students followed by a night of Up&Coming alumni film projects and finally, the grand finale: a night of UCSD student films, including 10 high tech media arts films which were created in collaboration with 6th College/Artpower! Film Practicum mentorship program.

1. BEST SOUND: Little Dots, Duy Nguyen
2. BEST EDITING: Untitled woman, Elmira mohebali
3. BEST ART DIRECTION: Playhouse, Diana Li
4. BEST ACTING: M4MLinda Skeens and Patrick Russell Burton
5. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Desire, Tanner Cook
6. BEST SCREENPLAY: Yo Soy BethanyBethany Dong
8. BEST FILM: My First TimeRen Ebel


UCSD Student Filmmakers

My Day
[Jeremy Fu, 2013, USA, 2:56 min.]
Fu’s short film utilizes text to “talk” about his day as an art student.

A Sneeze
[Ren Ebel, 2013, USA, 1:36 min.]
A sneeze unfinished forms an ominous netherspace where irritation and subsequent release dance a cathartic ballet of the senses. 

Yo Soy Bethany
[Bethany Dong, 2013, USA, 3:13 min.]
Can the mundane activities of life specific to us transcend the crowd and create an identity we all want, individuality? 

Play House
[Diana Li 2012, USA, 5:07 min.]
An imaginary space constructed by adults in which children, played by adults -- learn to assimilate to civilized mannerisms.

Curious Case of Tommy Do
[Angeli Landayan, 2013, USA, 6:46 min.]
A fictional depiction of a unique male with curious tendencies and a mundane lifestyle.

5 installments of Awkwardness
[Sean Song, 2013, USA, 5:51min.]
This short film follows one character’s five awkward encounters with friends and strangers.

[Linda M. Skeens, 2013, USA, 17:57 min.]
Sexually repressed and dissatisfied with his marriage, Jack seeks anonymous trysts with other men via Craigslist and online dating services.

Untitled Woman
[Elmira Mohebali, 2013, USA, 6:00 min.]
16mm film. A female dancer oppressed by a male dominant society struggles to free herself from the surrounding boundaries.

[Tanner Cook, 2013, USA, 5:06 min.]
Five short films exploring the theme of desire.

Little Dots
[Duy Nguyen, 2013, USA, 7:52 min.]
A man worried that after his death he will be forgotten, collects and orders objects in his home. Cast and crew:

My First Time
[Ren Ebel, 2013, USA, 10:17 min.]
The tape was recovered from the glove box of an abandoned powder-blue ‘93 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon, and was given to me by Leonard “Lockjaw” Schaffer.



High Tech High Media Arts (HTHMA) Films
[2013, Various Directors, USA, 3 min. each]
Each HTMA student interviewed a person they respect in order to capture their true stories. These stories are labors of love. 

Something Old, Something New
The story of a love that challenges traditional cultural values.
UCSD Mentors: Shane Konno and Ben Steen
HTHMA: Mitchell Gill,Travis Van Vechten, Cinthya Barbosa, Morgan Mucker, Katherine Olson

The story of a young man who discovers his values, through his experiences with women.
UCSD Mentor: Hilary Morefield
HTHMA STUDENTS: Anna Kelly, Jack Cairncross ,Taylor Webb ,Ebonie McDole 

Honoring the Pact
A story of friendship, honoring one's word, and loss.
UCSD Mentor: Ren Ebel
HTHMA: Kenan Millet, Ryan Ureta , Leo Troast, Kaithlyn Abulencia

Story of My Own Bias
The story of a young woman's struggle to overcome hatred.
UCSD Mentor: Sheyna Medoff
HTHMA: Kristi Werry, Andrew Wilson, Robert Wickline, Camelia Stout 

La RevØlución
The story of a couple's run-in with an unexpected political uprising.
UCSD Mentor: Rhiann Suen
HTHMA:Diego Verduzco ,Andrew Proud-Madruga ,Jamie Ranahan, Erika Hendrix , Cheyenne Smith 

Bypassing Hatred the Movie
A story that explores cruelty and body image.
UCSD: Rusteen Honardoost
HTHMA: Alfred Grant, Diego Rosas, Maxwell Hammond, Carri Brown, Sophie Blaylock

Not Afraid
A story of violence and courage in a high school in Detroit.
UCSD Mentor: Matthew Schiefer
HTHMA:Lincoln Dutcher, Lenia Perez, Brandon Dennis, Drake Houston, Jazmine Miller 

The story of a teenage girl who fights to save her mother, and herself.
UCSD Mentor: Diana Li
HTHMA: Naxiely Cortez, Juan Vergara , Jasmine Campos , Cristina Michel , Luis Lopez

The Pink Panther
The story of how one man escapes the police.
UCSD: Tanner Cook
HTHMA: Adrian Gonzalez , Lynette Peraza , Anthony Giardinelli. Jeremy Stewart 

Complete the Puzzle
The story of a remarkable family surprise.
UCSD: Andy Tan
HTHMA: Frederick Pedrena, Brooke Chantrachuck, Hannah Liska, Irene Hueso 

Special Thanks to our Jury Panel: Beth Accomando, UC San Diego alumna and KPBS film critic; Adrienne Hughes, director of the UC San Diego Media Lab; Albert Lin, UC San Diego alumnus, research scientist and National Geographic Explorer; Tara Knight, UC San Diego professor of theatre and dance; Steve Rivele, screenwriter; and Michael Trigilio, lecturer for the UC San Diego department of visual arts, Cameron Wilson ’12, Musician and filmmaker, and ArtPower! Film Curator Rebecca Webb.

Additional Special Thanks to Sixth College and High Tech High Media Arts Practicum Participants: Margaret Noble, Rachel Nichols, Michael Trigilio, Diane Forbes, Marissa Martinez and the HTHMA and UCSD Film Practicum students.

Live Music by Ed Ghost Tucker
Ed Ghost Tucker is a five-piece indie/folk/jazz/rock ensemble from San Diego, California


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Additional support provided by Triton TVUCSD AlumniUC San Diego Career Services Center, and UC San Diego Extension Digital Arts Center, Sixth College Practicum Program